Culture & Heritage

On a hard cliff

See the biggest fortress in Croatia, take a walk along the history of mankind, from the prehistory and ancient times to the modernity, and discover an invaluable cultural, historical and artistic heritage of this region.

The significance of Knin goes back to ancient times, in the midst of civilisation. The earliest sites on the Mouth Spas date from Neolithic, where the first Copper Age culture in the wider Dalmatian region was discovered. In addition, Spas of Knin has been considered to be the only true settlement in the entire eastern Adriatic. Also, Knin is one of the oldest cities in Europe, mentioned 7 years BC as one of only four Delmatic cities. In the Middle Ages Knin was the capital of the Croatian Kings Svetoslav, Držislav, Dmitar Zvonimir and Petar Svačić, but over the centuries it has been occupied by the Hungarians, Turks, Venetians, French, Austrians, Italians and Germans. The city was finally liberated on August 5th, 1995. by the military operation of Croatian Army called ¨Oluja.¨ In memory of the late Croatian defenders, the monument of the Croatian victory called Storm 95 was built.

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