Knin surroundings


Biskupija municipality extends around the river Kosovčica and covers the area that during the Early Middle Ages was political, religious and cultural core of the first Croatian state entities. From 1040 to 1439 this municipality was the seat dioces of old Croatian kingdom.


Civljane municipality is one of the most beautiful nature areas of Croatia. In its centre you can find the church of Holy Salvation from the 9th century which is one of the best- preserved early medieval sacred constructions in Croatia. At the foot of the mountain Dinara you can also enjoy the spectacular source of the river Cetina.


Ervenik municipality impresses for its natural diversity and landscape beauty which are so valuable that, as a part of Croatian and European natural heritage, they are protected by Velebit Nature Park and Krka National Park. Ervenik municipality connects the regions of Lika and Dalmatia and through its centre the river Zrmanja flows.


Kijevo, the largest rural settlement in Dalmatia, is the centre of the municipality situated in the valley between the mountain Dinara (1831 m) and the mountain ridge Veliki Kozjak (1206 m). Kijevo's almost alpine-like ambient in the heart of Dalmatia changes with every season and it's always interesting and attractive. Besides its natural beauty and mountain surroundings, Kijevo is known for its rich folklore, folk tradition and healthy homemade food.


Kistanje is ¨the capital¨ of Bukovica, an area between the Karin Sea and the canyons of the rivers Krka and Zrmanja, which is one of the least densely populated but ecologically best-preserved areas of Croatia and Europe. For those who are not familiar with the area, it is Croatian and European ¨Terra Incognita¨ and for those who have seen some of it, it is ¨El Dorado¨ for tourists and visitors who search something new, different and truly authentic.