Spring in Šibenik and most of the county reveals its multi-coloured new-born nature. This time of the year is perfect for visiting the inland and exploring the old fortresses situated along the Krka River. You may also stroll around preserved stone houses, dry-stone walls and vastly important historical sites. Do not miss "Bribirska glavica" near Skradin, with its fairly conserved Illyrian walls and the remains of the Roman and Early Christian towns.


Summer all of the county sings a romantic song about the sun, the crystal blue sea and the white stone of Dalmatia. This is a perfect time to visit all the islands of the archipelago, to get to know the customs of the area, to dive for corals and sponges, to try brodetto or grilled calamari, and to savour a glass of some great local wine. Enjoy the flavours of lavender, almonds, laurels and rosemary, feel the calm sea and its breeze at sunset and pay attention for the sounds of crickets and sparkles of fireflies.


Autumn in most of the county emerges easily from the sunset of warm colours and the harmony of flavours and sounds. You can go to Dinara Mountain, where you can find the highest point of the Republic of Croatia (1831 meters) and enjoy a walk through nature. Maybe you will opt for a visit to the historical town of Knin and its prehistoric and historic remains, buildings and fortifications, as well as for the nearby natural phenomenon of the karst Krčić River, a charming tributary of the magnificent Krka River.


Winter in most of the county is dry, yet quite windy. On sunny days you might want to take warm clothes and visit the island of Žirje, where you can enjoy excellent biking trails. If you decide to go deeper into the inland, follow the paths and waterways to gorgeous Zaton Bay and then proceed towards the outstanding Krka River and Lake Prokljan, where you can explore all the splendours of untouched nature and enjoy many natural beauties of this remarkable area.